About East & Partners

About East

East & Partners Pty Ltd, a leading specialist market research firm in the corporate and investment banking markets of the Asia Pacific, works across 12 countries in the region delivering both multi-client and proprietary market analysis services to the industry.

The delivery of accurate quantitative analysis on the region's rapidly evolving demand for sophisticated transaction, debt, treasury, investment and advisory banking services and products has been uniquely addressed by East's "bottom up" research methodologies since 1987. East’s research is based on many thousands of customer interviews conducted annually in Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

East & Partner’s multi-client demand research and consulting work has been engaged by virtually every major bank in the region as well as international clients based in North America and Europe.




While results of many research firms are used by and large for promotional purposes, we believe that the integrity of our data collection and the standard of our analytical work enable our clients to use our results for practical purposes such as improving market share/share of wallet, customer retention, new business development, understanding and acting on competitive positioning, planning and strategy formulation, relationship management, platform enhancement, distribution and channel improvement, amongst many others.




Why East

The business was established as a primary market research firm for the Asia Pacific region in 1987 and is an employee-owned company. The geographic disbursement and language skills of our consulting staff have been a significant factor in East's continued success. This is all the firm does.

We continue to be driven by the three central dynamics which originated the firm in 1987

  Continuous Client Relationships

We place great importance on long term working involvement with clients, and the insights and success this brings.

  Collective Experience

The unwavering application of quality standards to all engagements and the ever increasing intelligence databases held by the firm on these dynamic markets.

  Fact Based Research

Founded on large-scale primary research programs, built "bottom up", East’s methodology provides a strong and differentiating enabler for our clients.