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Private Client Engagements

Private Client Engagements

Consulting and Advisory

East's private research and advisory work is created around client specific needs. Our proprietary engagements with clients are driven by an evidenced-based approach using:

  • Selected analytics from our core research programs
  • Primary customer-centric research
  • Bespoke market analysis, insights development and strategy formulation
  • Strategy execution support

From these approaches, East delivers diagnostic recommendations to clients across all B2B banking market segments and product markets, including:

  • Distribution channels and strategy
  • Competitive positioning improvement
  • Customer needs and product mapping
  • Wallet share improvement
  • Cross sell enhancement
  • Market and product entry strategy development
  • East's capabilities and engagement experience in the Asian markets

East & Partners has developed a strong portfolio of credentials through its work with Asian clients over the last decade.

Private Client Engagements

Consulting and Advisory - Asia

Strengthening Market Development Strategies: Singapore

A US-based client engaged East & Partners to research, analyse and provide recommendations on improved market development strategies flowing from insights into customer behaviour in the S$20-150 million turnover enterprise market. The research was conducted to provide support analytics and recommendations in guiding initiatives around customer retention, cross-sell, acquisition and profit growth.

Diagnosing Drivers of Customer Churn: Regional

East & Partners conducted bespoke research for a client looking to diagnose drivers of institutional customer churn across a selection of transaction banking customers. This bespoke research is an example of East's capabilities in providing customised research analysis to drive strategy formation and execution.

Transaction Banking Performance: Singapore and Hong Kong

East & Partners was engaged by this pan-regional business bank to review the Singapore and Hong Kong markets to deliver evidence based strategy recommendations for the client's transaction banking performance. Recommendations comprised customer needs and behaviour in the SME and Corporate markets and key initiatives in customer retention, cross-sell, acquisition and profit growth.

SME Market Entry Scoping: Vietnam

Based on detailed bespoke research, East provided the client with a market assessment on the banking opportunities in Vietnam's Small to Medium Size Enterprise (SME) segment. This assessment delivered key market insights, distribution strategy, product features and pricing recommendations as decision support and risk management for the client's proposed market entry.

Enterprise Banking Market Review: Taiwan

East provided the client with primary market research on the SME Banking Market in Taiwan, delivering insight into the most effective support and market entry initiatives for the client's new banking unit. The results of this research were consolidated in core market analysis and insights, driving East recommendations on:

  • The Taiwanese SME Market
  • Business credit environment
  • Market and customer focus
  • Product Market opportunities
  • Lending Relationships
  • Competitive constraints
  • Unsecured lending activity in the SME markets

Unsecured Lending Markets: Asia

East & Partners was engaged to assess opportunities in the unsecured lending enterprise markets. This research, which included direct discussions with competing providers in the Asian markets, delivered an analysis of this market segment along with strategic recommendations to the client on:

  • Market size and volumes
  • Market growth and forecasts
  • Competitive "availability"
  • Client balance sheet growth and margin forecasts
  • Credit policy and practice
  • The relationship management proposition

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