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The Future of Client Onboarding in Financial Services

Getting it Right – The Future of Client Onboarding in Financial Services

East & Partners has undertaken a granular and detailed view of the global corporate client onboarding market in financial services to provide clients with an evidence and insight-based overview of the subject.

This unique global analysis provides clear ‘voice of the treasurer’ insights around which banks are getting it right, what’s at risk for those failing and how banks can address pain points while still adhering to regulations for their ever more complex and agile minded corporate clients.

The goal behind this report is to identify and guide clients, including providers of financial services, regulatory authorities, central banks and inbound investment agencies to areas of opportunity within the global market.

Using a structured questionnaire East & Partners directly interviewed the CFOs and Treasurers of 737 of the Top 100 corporates in each of eight countries, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and the USA, with an even mix across MNCs and large domestic enterprises. A very defined population of the largest 800 corporates across these countries was approached. All interviews were conducted on a direct basis with the individual responsible for the banking function within the corporate.


About the report
Who's best at it?
Pain points and current process
Onboarding across borders
The role of technology and Open Banking
Doing better while staying compliant
Detailed Data Tables
     Biggest Pain Point in being Onboarded by a New Bank Partner or into
     New Services/Accounts by an Existing Bank Partner
     Onboarding Experience Ratings – By Country and Solution Area
     Onboarding Experience Ratings – By Bank/Provider and Solution Area
     Onboarding Service Factor Performance Ratings
     Account Onboarding Officer Assignment
     Typical Onboarding Time for New or Extended Services
     Customer Attrition Due to too Stringent Onboarding Processes
     Cross-Border Onboarding Experience Consistency
     Onboarding Experience by Country
     Likelihood of Expanded Business due to Onboarding Process
     Expected Impact of Open Banking on Onboarding Process
     Self-Service Onboarding Online Portal Availability
     Non-Bank Provider Onboarding Experience Ratings
     Key Steps to Improve Onboarding Experience
     Issue of Onboarding within Overall Banking Relationship















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