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Global Supply Chain Report

Funding a Globalised Supply Chain

East & Partners’ Global Trade Finance and Supply Chain Funding market analysis programs provide clients with a detailed, focussed view of key market and financier performance measures, including market share, wallet share, mind share and customer satisfaction metrics across trade finance tools and solutions. This work has been in-market for many years and covers multiple global geographies using large scale quantitative, primary research with exporting and importing businesses. To complement these multi-client research programs East & Partners undertook a wider ranging study into Supply Chain and Supply Chain Funding, covering aspects such as funding methods, key providers, domestic and international volumes, and the challenges and opportunities faced by the largest corporates in funding their global supply chain needs.


This report is based on primary research conducted by East & Partners in in the 1st calendar quarter of 2017. A total of 736  Top 800 global corporates have been involved, with the individuals responsible for their firms’ supply chain financing relationship(s) directly  interviewed by East & Partners. The top 100 revenue ranked corporates in each of eight key global markets were targeted for interview. All interviewees were involved in importing, exporting or both across Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, and USA. This report delivers outcomes from this unique and original analysis of large corporate supply chain funding behaviour.



About the report
Global Trade and the development of corporate supply chains
How the 'Samsung's, Volkswagens and Apples' of the world fund their supply chains
     Vanilla trade finance and available working cap leading the way
     Looking to tomorrow and increasing off balance sheet financing
     How many providers does it take to fund a supply chain?
Supplier terms are going green
     63 days to payment
     The future for suppliers is sustainable and ESG compliant
Change, Opportunity and the role of Technology
     Clearing the path to China, Latin America and Africa
     Germans the most comfortable with current funding positions
     Smart contracts are top priority
Efficient supply chain means agile companies
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