East & Partners Europe works with a variety of high-street banks and challenger providers delivering demand-side market research, insights and analysis across all business banking segments including payments, business foreign exchange, transaction banking and financial technology.

Through direct interviews with thousands of key decision makers each year, East’s research illustrates the relationship between key metrics including mind share, market share, wallet share, customer satisfaction, product satisfaction and service satisfaction. East’s research has been used by clients to develop a variety of communication material including internal strategy documents, though leadership white papers and marketing material.

Leveraging 30 years of global industry experience, East is uniquely positioned to:

Provide banking and finance benchmarks
Assist with highlighting current and future trends
Enable clients to develop relationships and products that retain and maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction

With the European banking industry facing a wave of disruption from both a competitive and regulatory perspective, financial institutions – big and small – will need unrestricted access to chief financial officers, corporate treasurers and business owners to remain competitive in national, regional and global markets.

East can efficiently and effectively provide this.

Our data-driven analytics offer real-world solutions to challenges and highlight areas of opportunity while our consultative outlook to client relationships allows us to partner closely with clients and help utilise those insights to produce positive business outcomes.

East’s best of breed research methodology covers the “whole of market”, segmented according to business turnover, as follows:

Micro business £1-5 million annual turnover
Small to medium enterprises £5-20 million annual turnover
Corporate business £20 – 725 million annual turnover
Institutional business £725 million plus annual turnover


To further discuss East’s capabilities, research and insights, please contact:

Pierre Sokoya
+44 7759 438 840


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